Founded in 1981, we are insurance business analysts and commentators who monitor globally the management, structure, processes, distribution, business pressures and opportunities across all insurance markets at a strategic level. Our speciality is building a bridge between business issues and the impact of information technology in all its guises. Our clients range from insurers and intermediaries, to management consultants, software, hardware and telecoms companies.

Starting in 1993, we have selected relevant intelligence from worldwide insurance, banking, and related IT press releases and research from source, then indexed it for inclusion in our online self-service global trends databases - Insurance Newslink, Banking Newslink, and Financial Newslink, a combination of both.

We have pioneered seminars, conferences and workshops bringing insurance business and IT closer together, starting with the Insurance Information Exchange followed by 15 years as consultant and chair to the annual, international IT in Insurance conference.

We were also first in the market with:

  • Insurance Computer Systems (1984), the directory of IT suppliers to the insurance industry (subsequently European Insurance Computer Systems for several years).
  • Insurance Systems Bulletin (1985).
  • Insurance Systems International (1988).
  • Insurance Newslink (since 1993) the global strategic insurance news service and research database available over the internet at
  • Banking Newslink and Financial Newslink (commencing 1999) at